m81: Co-Productions and Collaborations

Monday Night Lectures:

Eine Zusammenarbeit des MFA-Programms (Master of Fine Arts) der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Fakultät Gestaltung, Prof. Liz Bachhuber, mit dem ACC.

Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

(Kontakt: Andrea Theis, Künstlerische Mitarbeiterin MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Fakultät Gestaltung)

Adam Page, Eva Hertzsch, Dresden
Vortrags- und Gesprächsreihe zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien (in engl. Sprache).

Connecting people-connecting arts on 10.11.
Connecting people-connecting arts on 10.11.

Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page's projects reflect on the hierarchies which define today's urban life. Their work critiques the transformation of public space from a common resource to capital, the damning of the social by an all-consuming economy and the festivalisation of cities.

Theirs is a group practice and uses art as a means of connecting. Increasingly, they've directed their work at specific partners, rather than an art public or at random. They hope that collaborations with resident groups extend participation to new areas of society, such as their "FOR SALE" (2006) project in Dresden where residents founded the neighbourhood arts centre IDEE 01239 e.V. As such, Hertzsch and Page are about art in the public interest not art in public space.

http://www.infooffspring.de http://www.idee-01239.de

Montag, 10.11.2008, 19:00 Uhr, ACC Galerie Weimar
Eintritt: frei!