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Universitätsgalerie im ACC
April 2001 bis Juni 2002

Tricia Flanagan

06.04.2001 - 15.04.2001

Die australische Künstlerin Tricia Flanagan studiert zurzeit an der Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar. Sie experimentiert mit biologischen Prozessen und belebt dabei die Galerie mit sicht-, fühl- und hörbaren Materialtransformationen. Ihre aufwändigen Installationen werden täglich erneuert. Ein Besuch lohnt sich, nicht zuletzt, weil die Gesprächsmöglichkeit mit der häufig anwesenden Künstlerin besteht.

Tricia Flanagan, born in Sydney, Australia 1968, is an emerging artist currently working on a scholarship in Germany at the Bauhaus-University. Tricia has already established a succesful career in the Hunter Region in Australia. Her work has been seen in solo shows in Australia and is held in public and private collections. She has secures a number of major commissions. Flanagans' latest body of work lies in the space between the reality of an experience and ist recollection. Memories are abstract concepts. Biologically this ephemeral space is not something tangible, like the soul, we know the mind exists, but it is not easily explained. Our memory and our emotional state are paramount in our perception. As these things grow and change so changes our ability to react and interact with the world. If we look to the natural world we see that water possesses this ability to permeate and adapt.Water has natural ability to change state and reaction to its environment. From solid state to liquid to gaseous. We know it as steam, ice, frost, snow, rain, fog,water, hail, condensation and mist. Flanagan has created an installation exploring the biological processes and classification systems of the body. Working with ice, aluminium, water, steel, stone and sand: filters files and tranformation are the underlying themes in this exploration of memory.