The Culture of Fear (2005)

11th International Studio Program 2005 "The Culture of Fear"

Mandy Gehrt (Deutschland)
Kyoko Ebata (Japan)
Oscar Tuazon (USA)

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Artists of the 11th International Studio Program "The Culture of Fear"

For the 11th International Studio Program of the ACC Galerie and the City of Weimar three artist will be invited to live and work in Weimar for four month, working under the theme "The Culture of Fear" (more information under The jury´s meeting took place on May 20th 2005. Out of sixtyseven applications three artists were selected by the jury, consisting of artist Michaela Melián, Munich, journalist Brigitte Werneburg, taz, Berlin, director of the Kunsthalle Erfurt, Kai-Uwe Schierz, and the collector Rik Reinking, Hamburg. Mandy Gehrt from Germany, Kyoko Ebata from Japan and Oscar Tuazon from the USA will spend four months in Weimar.

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