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4. April - 31. Mai 2009

Eröffnung: 3. April 2009, 20 Uhr

Asli Cavusoglu, (Türkei)| Muhammad Zeeshan (Pakistan) | Hagen Betzwieser (Deutschland)

Stipendiaten des 14. Internationalen Atelierprogramms der ACC Galerie und der Stadt Weimar "Von der Unbestimmtheit"

Eine Koproduktion mit der Stadt Weimar, gefördert durch das Thüringer Kultusministerium und die Stadt Weimar, mit Unterstützung des Förderkreises der ACC Galerie Weimar.

Muhammad Zeeshan, Pakistan - Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

What Coke can(s) - Flag ceremony on 5.4.
What Coke can(s) - Flag ceremony on 5.4.

"The difference of culture in the many cities I have visited has added a lot to my work and its development. One such development was brought about during my residency at Gasworks in London in 2007. For four years working as an artist, the critiques and discussion groups at Gasworks made me realize how my work was being viewed. Because it was being sold, my work was suddenly commercial. It was a matter of concern as it reminded me of my days as a porn cinema board painter (at the Age of 12, I started working in a local porn cinema as a board painter in Mirpurkhas, which is a village in the southern part of Pakistan) and the transition from a commercial artist to an Artist. In reaction, I created an installation with coke cans which the audience was invited to consume free of cost. The image of an American Flag created with the popular coke can products, was a not for sale installation, yet was made with extremely popular consumer goods. I tried to critique the concept of originality." (Muhammad Zeeshan)

Sonntag, 05.04.2009, 18:00 Uhr, ACC Galerie Weimar
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