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With Matthew Buckingham, Bernadette Corporation, Cabinet Magazine, eteam, NYC Surveillance Camera Players, Michael Rakowitz, Anne-Marie Schleiner/Brody Condon/retroyou u.a., 16Beaver Group, Temporary Services, and Picture Projects & The 360degrees Team.


Opening receptions
Weimar: July 26 > August 9 > August 23, 2003
Leipzig: August 2 > August 16 > August 30, 2003
at 8.00 p.m.

Homelessness, war without end, surveillance without end, prisons without end. What is to be done, how should it be done? GET RID OF YOURSELF brings together two concurrent exhibitions, which introduce ten contemporary initiatives/projects of independent art publications, artist cooperatives, fictitious artist enterprises, self organized discussion and presentation platforms as well as contemporary artist networks, from New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

How can artist collectives and initiatives affect their immediate community and on what scale? How independently do they perceive their social responsibility in times of increasing political shallowness, greater economic pressures and social polarisation? In contrast to the ever-decreasing availability of social services in the US, artist collectives and activist groups seem proportionately to be on the rise.

The exhibiting artists and artist collectives seek to critically investigate their own structures, strategies and conditions of production. They all have in common a critical, autonomous approach to societal relationships. Knowing that there cannot be a 'space outside of the system' - a system in which social welfare and political responsibility are currently being replaced by consumerism and economic egoism - these artists address issues such as (anti-)globalisation, criminal justice, domestic security, surveillance, methods of opposing war, real estate speculation and homelessness.

For the first time, ACC Galerie is collaborating with the new art space Halle 14 in the socio-urban biotope of the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei.

Accompanying the exhibition, which is open from Tuesday - Sunday between noon and 6 p.m. (free entry) the Federkiel Foundation will publish the 2nd issue of the "vierzehn" newsletter.

Rather than inviting all artists/groups to appear at once, this exhibition will in effect have 6 openings (3 in Weimar - 3 in Leipzig) allowing for questions and materials from these initiatives/groups to accrue once every two weeks in each city. The schedule for artist's presentations and the respective openings follows:

ACC Weimar
Saturday, July 26:
6.30 p.m. - eteam*
8.00 p.m. - New York City Surveillance Camera Players
9.00 p.m. - 16Beaver Group*

Saturday, August 9:
6.30 p.m. - Michael Rakowitz*
8.00 p.m. - Bernadette Corporation
9.00 p.m. - Picture Projects & The 360 degrees Team*

Saturday, August 23:
5.00 p.m. - Matthew Buckingham*,
6.30 P.m.- Anne-Marie Schleiner / Brody Condon / retroyou u.a.*
8.00 p.m. - Cabinet magazine*
9.30 p.m. - Temporary Services*

Hall 14 Leipzig
Saturday, August 2:
8.00 p.m. - New York City Surveillance Camera Players*, besides at 4.30 p.m. - Outdoor Walking Tour by the New York City Surveillance Camera Players 6.30 p.m. - eteam*
9.30 p.m. - 16Beaver Group*

Saturday, August 16:
9.00 p.m. - Michael Rakowitz*, besides at 6.00 p.m. -- Performance by Michael Rakowitz
6.30 p.m. - Picture Projects & The 360 degrees Team*
8.00 p.m. - Bernadette Corporation

Saturday, August 30:
5.00 p.m. - Anne-Marie Schleiner / Brody Condon / retroyou u.a.*
6.30 p.m. - Temporary Services*
8.00 p.m. - Cabinet Magazine*
9.30 p.m. - Matthew Buckingham*

The marked (*) artists will make presentations.


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Halle 14 Leipzig (Stiftung Federkiel) - Spinnereistraße 7 - 04179 Leipzig/Germany - F: +49.341.4980125 - M: